Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tatsuya Lunch

Saturday morning and I woke up early. Really early, it was actually just after 4AM. I had so many ideas and thoughts so early in the morning. I wish I could write them down, but I was too sleepy to grab my phone and type up my thoughts. When I finally got up, it was after 6. It was still early. We then mad a plan to drive to Bedok to get noodles for breakfast. 

Forward to lunch time. I don't know why I mentioned the word "Tatsuya", which immediately triggered DH to propose lunch there. It was not a proposal actually, as he insisted on having lunch there because we had not been there for a long while and started calling the restaurant to get a table. Reservation was made and we got ready. Off we went to Scotts rd. 

I knew ahead of time that I was getting a bowl of Chirashi don, a small one, because I was not too hungry. It was really smallish, delicious and outrageously pricey at $150 before tax and service charge. 

DH, being a sushi lover, chose sushi bento, which was such a bargain compared to the one I chose. 

All good. happy tummy, happy us. 

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