Sunday, September 13, 2015

About Living Away From Home For College

Living thousand miles away from home has its perks. Freedom. Freedom. Freedom. In random order,  whichever pops up in my head, here they are:

1. Sleeping business, I can wake up and go to bed whenever I want and nobody comes to my room to bug me and tell me off. Bonus point, there is no need to tidy up the bed.

2. I can miss my classes or arrive late and my parents would not know that.

3. I can fail on my exams and my parents would not know because I am above 18 years old and they can't find out about my grades without my consent.

4. They pay for my tuition and room and board and I don't have to work to earn a living as long I am enrolled.

5. I can buy and eat whatever I want, as much or as little.   I can have so many different snacks in my room and have all of them opened and my parents would not know.

6. I can wear my contact lens longer than 12 hours and nobody tells me to take them off.

7. I can rewear my clothes and my underwears as many times I wish and my parents would not know.  I can dress the way I want and nobody tells me off. My shorts are too shorts or my tees are wrinkled, who cares???

8. I can go out and go home anytime I want. No curvew.

9. There's so much joy I have and can give by telling my parents that I am studying, having a group study, reading my text books or doing my homework. It's a nice gesture to text them, that I am in the library. (Techincally, I am inside the library, that's it.)

10. I don't have to pick up their phone calls as I could be in the class or studying in the library, or sleeping, because of different time zone.

11. If I don't reply their email and text messages and my parents can't do anything about it.

12. I can spend all day and all night with my special friend, friends, watching whatever one after another and nobody tells me off.

13. Back to laundry business, I don't even have to do my laundry. I simply keep the dirty ones  and bring them home and someone else will do it because she can't stand the sight of them.

14. I don't have to do the dishes if I do not want to. I just leave them out there until there is a need for them or the desire to clean up, comes. Whichever comes first.

15. I can let the dust piles up as tall as Empire State building and my parents would not know and tell me off.

16. I can miss most of Sunday masses and my parents become too tired to tell me off and I can continue missing Sunday masses

17. There is always a way to turn things around and make them my parents fault, for example if they, from time to time remind me to go to church or not to do certain bad things, I could say: "You tell me that so many times already!!"

(You see, I am actually saying, you are nagging me! I know I never reply to my parents, despite repeat reminders.  It will be okay, parents' love is unconditional. They will still love me!)

18. If they start threatening me with cutting off the fund or relationship, I can always attack them and say, "You always threaten me! I don't say anything bad.". This should make them feel bad because good parents do not threaten. Good parents kindly give terms and conditions like banks giving out loans.

19. Technicality. Reply only what is asked. I do not volunteer unnecessary information that reveals my lack of work ethics that are not in line with my parents value.

20. I can always go home to a super clean and tidy room and a house full of love and food, totally the opposite of how I left it.

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