Sunday, September 27, 2015

Putien, Ion

Not long after having lunch at Putien in Vivocity, we went to Putien in Ion for lunch. We were drooling over their Bee Hoon and we wanted to try different dishes as well. Mission was accomplished, we even tried their desserts. 

We had  this Spinach with Salted Egg and Century Egg  as our choice for vegetable. The spinach was well cooked and the gravy was very creamy and delicious. 

Pan Fried Yellow Croakers were very tender, but somehow it would not be something that I would order again. It is just not something that I prefer to have.

Putien's Fried Hingwa Bee Hoon remains our favorite. The bee hoon is so light and nicely flavored with clams, pork, prawn and green that work together very well. We were a bit greedy and ordered a medium size that turned out to be too much for the two of us, because we had other dishes and desserts too.

Their chili sauce is to die for. I had it with my veggies, fish and beehoon and I had a lot of them.

This is DH's dessert, Chiled Putien Loquat in Herbal Jelly. There was no complain and he cleaned it up. I suppose it was a good one.

My dessert was sweet potato with pumpkin cream, which was presented very prettily.  I admit that I chose based on the picture presented on the men and I was also curious about the taste of it. I did not enjoy the flavor of the sweet potato but the potato cream was really nice. It scored higher on the look than the taste. 

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