Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lunch At Fat Cow

I am pleased when we try a new place to have a meal and their food turn out to suit our taste well. This is one of those.  Fat Cow is about beef, so I chose Foie Gras and Wagyu beef (Fat Foa-gura don). DH chooses sushi, because he likes sushi and he does not want to eat much beef. Whatever. 

Both of us picked their set lunch and the meal began with salad, miso soup and chawan sushi. I love the dressing of the salad and the soup, but there's not much love for their chawan sushi, just not my kind. 

They also gave us a plate of momotaro sashimi salad (tomato salad) which was super delicious. The sliced tomatoes were fresh and sweet and the dressing was very nice and refreshing. I could have more of this.

As part of the set lunch, we had honeycomb ice cream for dessert, which was superb as well. We had an extra bonus of mochi that was equally delicious.

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