Monday, September 07, 2015

PS Cafe Petit Dinner

This was about three weeks ago, before Miss K returned to Berkeley. Summer holiday went by so fast and it's time for her to go back to California before classes start. She needed to move in to her new apartment and get everything she could use. It was a very busy Summer for her. 

PS Cafe is located very close to our place and they have reasonably good food. Just the three of us. DH's pick is never far from pasta and seafood, and if a restaurant have both of them one dish, he would select it. It's way too easy to guess. His dish is called Shrimp, Crab and Crumb. It is spicy spaghettini with sugar snaps, spinach, crab meat, shrimp and garlic crumbs. The size suits well for people with big appetite. I had a little bit of it and I thought it was a good one.

Miss K chose Panini Slim, called Truffle Cheese Mushroom. The name is very descriptive of what's inside the grilled sandwich.

Finally for me, I had Vegetarian Moussaka. I tend to try something new or something that I rarely or do not make at all at home. This dish seems to have good reviews online and I was curious to try. I actually am not a fan of pumpkin and pumpkin is one of the ingredients listed, aside from capsicum, celeriac, spinach, mozzarella and smokey tomato jam. Looking at the items that make the dish, I should have known that it is on the sweet side, which doe not suit my preference too well. The size was a bit too big for me as well. 

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