Sunday, September 06, 2015

Talking About Time

Some of us are employed and need to work 10-20 hours a day, some of us have no job or simply work on their own and have the privilege to work as as and when they like.

Each of us, no matter what, has 24 hours a day. It is up to each individual, how he or she uses every single second of them. I am talking about priority here. It is about what we think are the most important things to do. We probably won't go to work unless the situation makes us do so. Those who work for people and get paid by their employers, have less freedom in using their time. But still, there are lots of hours left every single day that they can use for sleeping, eating, drinking and doing whatever they want. People that are not employed can be also busy too. Stay at home mothers have tons of work and they basically never stops.

Many of us say that we don't have time. The truth is rather, many of us do not prioritize the task or whatever that needs to be done. Did you know that it takes only two second to say "hello"?  Go ahead and press the record button on your Whatsapp or Viber! I have tested that, it's merely two seconds. Send that to your parents and friends and they would know that you are still alive. It's so handy isn't it?

What's your priority? Keeping in touch with your loved ones only takes seconds or minutes, just to ensure that everyone is breathing and well. You can text, call, email or snail mail. We live in such a great era in technology. Congratulations. Wifi is good in nearly everyone, it's hard to make it as an excuse for not communicating with people.

If you loved ones are no longer loved ones, maybe you want to tidy your room or house so that you can find your missing hairbrush and your other missing shoe? Set the timer in your mobile phone to 10 or 15 minutes and start working! You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve in that period of time.

PS: In order not to waste anyone's time, simply tell the people, especially those that were close to you, that you do not wish to communicate with them anymore. It's small thing that would be highly appreciated. 

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