Saturday, September 05, 2015

Just Like Heaven

I do not watch too many movies, but when I do, I always like happy ending movies. I am aware it is unrealistic, but I figure, life is hard enough, I need to have a happy story for those fictional characters. I love movies that reunite lovers and family, movies where the good guys live on and the bad ones either got eliminated or are remorseful and become good people.

I wish everyone could be happy and get whatever good things they wish to have. You can add idealistic to label me, I don't mind that too. I know that reality is so much different. Everyone struggles, everyone has something that they are not happy about. Many of them manage to put brave face, at least in public. Many of them lie to everyone and tell the whole world that their life is wonderful when in fact they suffer deep inside. We need to have a mental holiday and let ourselves go to places that otherwise we would not go.

I had dinner alone at home last night. I turned on the TV while enjoying my home alone dinner, something that I barely do these days. Right there on the screen, was Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo on Just Like Heaven, around 30 more minutes to finish. Both movie stars looked so young.  I remember having watched this so long ago, I just could not remember much about it. I saw beautiful San Francisco and Golden Gate bridge on the scenes and I was mesmerized and had to watch it until it finished. I was so glad that it had a happy ending. I was happy for the characters. Now I have to watch from the beginning and my life would be complete, temporarily.

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